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At SISU STRONG Performance Lab we are committed to helping you reach your performance goals.  To make sure that happens, we have developed an assessment & prescriptive model that will help us understand where you are, where you want to be, and the best way to get you there.

We welcome all types and ability levels. Olympians, professionals, adaptive athletes, collegiate competitors, weekend warriors, desk jockeys, high schoolers, midlife crises, first responders, active-duty soldiers, and good ‘ole townies have all utilized our services.

We are specially equipped to take people beyond injuries (new or old) to a new peak in performance. We’ve all served athletes who have suffered common mountain injuries, orthopedic injuries, and pain from movement dysfunctions and imbalances.

Whatever your goal is, book your free consult with us and get your plan started. 


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This is a popular addition of many clients so that they can come in the gym when needed to work with their coach.  There is no expiration on these sessions and can be used for whatever you may need to work on with a little more hands on coaching.

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Take the guesswork out of your training with SISU Strong Remote Coaching.

You'll Get:

  • A sport-specific, individualized training program, delivered to your desktop, tablet, or phone via True-Coach App.

  • Instructional videos and feedback from your coach.

  • Access to the SISU Strong Athletes Facebook Group


Whether you’re local to Park City or halfway around the world, we have training options for both.  


"I am a coach that works with clients who are traveling all around the world chasing their individual adventures.  Being able to help facilitate these clients with training whenever and wherever they need has been a huge passion for me since I began coaching over 15 years ago.  This has been my focus but I still greatly value and enjoy the in person experience with clients and that hands on coaching is a great addition to your performance program. It is for this reason that I am back to taking in person clients in Park City alongside our remote training clients."

                     -Deacon Andrews

“Adventure further and harder for a lifetime.”